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Highline Engagement | Sarah & Joe

Sarah and Joe's first kiss was on The Highline in NYC so it was only fitting that we spent their engagement shoot retracing their steps from that very important date!

We started the day grabbing coffee at Starbucks, and if you know Sarah, you know how seriously she takes her coffee order. As we headed toward The Highline, we stumbled upon the new Hudson Yards Vessel and WOW what a sight to behold. After snapping some photos along with all the other tourists, we walked The Highline and Sarah and Joe enjoyed reliving one of their very first dates. We ended the day with a trip to Chelsea Market and warmed up with a slice of artichoke pizza.

I was so honored to shoot such an important moment for another one of my friends and I know I've said it before but, there really is nothing like witnessing your friends find true happiness!


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